Call Christ Christie to sign #ParoleReform

DEADLINE: Critical – Monday, May 1, 2017 is the last day for Gov. Christie to sign it into law. This bi-partisan legislation passed both houses and YOU made calls to help it get passed. Now help us to get Chris Christie to sign it into law!

GOAL: Pressure Governor Chris Christie to sign the bill to fix our broken parole system.

OPTION 1: 1-minute fill-in-the-blanks letter to Chris Christie!
OPTION 2: Call Governor Christie 609-292-6000
SCRIPT: “Hi, my name is [insert name] and I live in [insert where you live]. I am calling to urge Governor Christie to sign Senate Bill 895/Assembly Bill 2182. This important legislation would help fix our broken parole system in New Jersey.”

*Too many people in our state are denied parole for arbitrary reasons.
*New Jersey has one of the highest max out rates in the country. (“Max out” rate is serving the sentence completely and released into their communities without any supervision.) We know that individuals who return to the community with some type of supervision are much more likely to succeed.
*Releasing low-level nonviolent inmates after they’ve served their basic sentence will improve our parole system.