Buy Joyce a cup of coffee*! Donate Days!

Our first candidate deserving of your $5 for #DonateDays is Joyce Santos. A member of ATNJ since November 11, 2016, Joyce has generously volunteered hundreds of hours on many initiatives. Here, in her own words, is Joyce Santos.
On November 9th, I was horrified by the election results and knew immediately that I had to get involved and make a difference. I knew I could make changes by doing something local so I kept showing up to events and meetings. I realized that I had to step up and run for Raritan Township Committee (town council). There are currently 5 Republicans serving on the committee, with 2 seats open for the 2017 election. I’m the only Democratic candidate running against 2 other Republicans for the 2 open seats.

If I get elected, I know I can make things better for my community by working with my colleagues to make the committee more open and honest. For example, there are closed-door meetings that no one knows about, and no meeting minutes that the public can look at. Public town employees have sued because they have been let go under questionable circumstances. They took $1 million out of the local sewer money and now we don’t have the money to make the necessary repairs. Our sewer bills are increasing. I want to have the minutes of the meeting made available to the public very quickly after the meetings. I want to make sure we aren’t wasting money on unnecessary spending.

While the Raritan Dems have supported me with people power, we have very limited funds. In total, my campaign budget is $12,000 and I am well short of that. I need $9500 and with that money, it will allow me to get my name out. I can have literature to leave when I knock on their doors. I can get campaign tee-shirts to wear at the Raritan Township Day, and buttons, and lawn signs to get my name out.

I would really appreciate your $5 donation. If you cannot donate, I can use help with phone banking to make sure the registered Democrats and unaffiliated get out to vote for me. If you live close, I can use help to go and knock on doors. Please email me to volunteer at Joyce[at]

Please help Joyce win her race. Donate $5 today. That’s the equivalent of buying her a cup of coffee.  Remember, let’s make a change in our state one cup of coffee* at a time! Who’s with us? Click to donate!