ATNJ Supports A Moratorium On Future EDA Tax Incentives

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ATNJ Supports A Moratorium On Future EDA Tax Incentives

MADISON, NJ, March 25, 2019 – WNYC News recently published a report examining a New Jersey Whistleblower case alleging Governor Chris Christie’s administration pressured agency officials to “overlook rules and regulations in the rush to approve billions of dollars in new subsidies.” ATNJ condemns, without reservation, the actions of the previous administration, and the Economic Development Authority (EDA), to appease the state’s business lobby and deliver tax breaks to large corporations that have their hooks in New Jersey’s political process. Governor Murphy has made a point to reverse and rectify years of fiscal mismanagement which have already taken a toll on the state’s residents. The corrupt handouts of billions of dollars in tax breaks add insult to injury as New Jersey continues its battle with outstanding liabilities owed to creditors and pension holders.

The report is especially alarming given Governor Murphy’s recent budget address. As the administration looks for new revenue streams in order to set the state on a path towards fiscal responsibility, the misuse and lack of oversight associated with $11 billion dollars in tax credits is an affront to New Jersey’s taxpayers. ATNJ has been a vocal supporter of transparency and accountability in government, regardless of party affiliation or political ideology. We fully support the investigation by Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and a moratorium on future EDA tax incentives until a thorough audit of the handouts during the Christie-Guadagno years has been completed.

As ATNJ has advocated for in the past, we support an economic system that focuses on growth and progress; however, to do so at the expense of working families would be immoral and unjust. We will continue our fight to hold those in government accountable, just as we have fought to hold corporations accountable for their actions.

John George
Economic Policy Director

Uyen “Winn” Khuong
Executive Director

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