ATNJ stands with Attorney General Gurbir Grewal

My fellow Advocates, 

Once again we are subjected to the insensitive rhetoric of individuals who choose to belittle what they do not understand. I applaud our Attorney General Gurbir Grewal and so many other Americans who choose to give back to their communities through public service amid constant ridicule for just being who they are.

Quote of the Day: “My name, for the record, is Gurbir Grewal. I’m the 61st Attorney General of NJ. I’m a Sikh American. I have three daughters. And yesterday, I told them to turn off the radio.”— New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.


Thank you, Mr. Grewal, for being the type of leader all of our children can look up to. To our Sikh and Asian brothers and sisters, we stand with you. For when one of us is attacked, we all must respond. No longer should anyone have to dim their light to allow those who are closed-minded to feel comfortable in their racism. My fellow New Jerseyans, every time you see injustice, call it out.  Do not allow a few small-minded individuals to taint what is great about our State:  its diversity!

Stand Up. Speak Up with Action Together New Jersey.

Rachel Green
Civil Rights, Director
Action Together New Jersey