ATNJ Gets Amplified!

ATNJ Gets Amplified!Overwhelmed by your notifications on Facebook? Action Together New Jersey has an app!

For iPhone:

For Android:

To increase our collective impact, you can access our calls to action via Amplify, a free app that makes it easy to act in concert with all of our members.

Our team on Amplify:

  • Is updated continually with New Jersey-specific calls to action.
  • Makes it easy to call Federal and state officials at your convenience.
  • Lets you cheer on your fellow members and lets them cheer you!
  • Lets us make change by working together.

To join our team on Amplify:

  1. Install the app for iPhone or Android (Use your phone to go to
  2. Sign up for a new account
  3. Enter the Action Together New Jersey team code: 657-012-000 (or find us by name)
  4. Take an action & cheer others on!