ATNJ Endorses Stacey Gunderman and Lisa Mandelblatt for State Assembly in LD 21

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ATNJ Endorses Stacey Gunderman and Lisa Mandelblatt for State Assembly in LD 21

MADISON, NJ, May 15, 2019 – Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ) is proud to announce our endorsements of Stacey Gunderman and Lisa Mandelblatt, two excellent candidates for Legislative District (LD) 21.

With the vast majority of votes for LD 21 coming from Union County voters, both Gunderman and Mandelblatt won the Union County Democratic convention, securing this critical positioning on the ballot. Since winning that convention, and despite the demands of work and raising kids, both candidates have been out every day in the district knocking on doors and talking about the issues that matter most to the voters.

When asked why she was running for State Assembly, Gunderman answered, “I’m running for office to bring my voice and experience as a working mom, wife of a public school teacher, engaged activist, and community organizer to Trenton. It’s extremely important for our Representatives to reflect the values and priorities of the District they serve and also to reflect the demographics of their communities. Mothers with children under the age of 18 are highly underrepresented in our State Legislature, yet many of the policies put forth by Trenton affect our everyday lives. I understand the importance of getting things done now, working to bring people together over shared values, and fighting to make the lives and futures of our neighbors better.”

“Mothers like Stacey Gunderman have their children’s future in mind when they look at the policies today and this forward thinking is what we need. Stacey and Lisa Mandelblatt will step up and do what needs to be done to make New Jersey a better, safer, more equitable place to live,” said Shannon Coulter, ATNJ Union County Co-Chair.

As a grassroots organization with a majority of women members, we believe in supporting women candidates; especially those who are not entrenched in party politics. Lisa Mandelblatt said “How we raise public funds and how we invest them puts our values and priorities into action. We need representatives who share our values and will stand up for us. For too long we have been failed by career politicians who opposed gun violence reform, worsened our tax burden, neglected public transportation, infrastructure and our schools. If you really want to change Trenton, you start by changing the type of people you send to Trenton. I want to go to Trenton to get things done. I’ll work with anyone as long as we continue to move New Jersey forward.”

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