ATNJ Member Ashley Bennett Elected Freeholder in Atlantic County

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Action Together New Jersey




January 18, 2018


Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ) is proud to continue its series of press publications introducing you to various ATNJ members who successfully ran for office this past fall. Today we introduce you to Ashley Bennett, a newly elected freeholder in Atlantic County.

Ashley is a member of the Atlantic/Cape May chapter of ATNJ and was inspired to run after John Carman, an Atlantic County freeholder, posted a meme after the Women’s march last January stating “I sure hope all these women will be home in time to cook dinner.” She went to a freeholders meeting, in which numerous women spoke, but instead of apologizing, Freeholder Carman stated that he had “strong women in his life that weren’t offended by that statement.” So Ashley decided to run for his seat – and she won! Ashley has received a lot of press attention surrounding her win, including spots on News Politics and Now Her, as well as on CNN, MSNBC, and the upcoming cover of Time Magazine.

“We all hear talk about wanting to see change happen, but Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ) members are more about “being” the change.  As such, we are immensely proud that Ashley stepped up to run for office for the first time and our members canvassed and phone banked to get her elected.  We know that Ashley will represent our community well and speak for those whose voices have not been heard.”  Amie Maria, Director of ATNJ Facebook Group.

ATNJ directors and members have worked tirelessly both as candidates and as supporters in local elections across the state. ATNJ remains committed to working for change, and that change begins on the local level with each individual election.



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