Action Together – Onward!

Welcome to our first post-primary weekly wrap-up! Congratulations to all who ran. Who could have imagined two years ago that we’d have this level of political engagement? This many new friends? This kind of CHANGE in New Jersey politics? And it’s all because of YOU! Thank YOU!

Exciting news about our Inaugural Gala – it’s nearly SOLD OUT! There are still only 16 seats left, so get ‘em fast. Governor Murphy, all honorees, as well as Senator Menendez have confirmed attendance. It will be an exciting night of celebration AND looking forward.

What’s Next?

Did you know that Cook Political Report updated races today? All races will be tough but this is a good sign!

It will be a busy summer with canvassing, Bank the Blue, postcard writing and letters to the editor – follow our Facebook pages for more information and ways to get involved!

Today – Thursday, June 7: Lobby day in Trenton! In less than 30 days New Jersey legislators will vote on a budget that will either provide our communities and families the resources, investment, and support we need–or it will continue to offer wealthy individuals tax breaks while keeping our schools, communities, and infrastructure underfunded.

Join us TODAY in Trenton as we lobby our legislature to support the budget Governor Murphy needs to create a fair and progressive budget for New Jersey. Training will be provided, and together we can prevent a government shutdown.

County & District Actions Across the State

In addition to the thousands of doors knocked and calls made over this weekend across the state, and dozens (hundreds?) of rallies attended, Action Together Warren County co-sponsored a Voter Registration Training with Hackettstown Indivisible and the Warren County Democratic Committee at Centenary University. Swing Left for NJ-05 was also in attendance. It was conducted by Bob Stead of the Warren County Board of Elections. It was a great meeting of groups that all have the same goal: increasing Democratic voter turnout in 2018 and beyond.

Many thanks to Iris Perrot of ATWC/Warren County Dems and Megan Davis of Hackettstown Indivisible for organizing this important event.

Also, ATNJ Environmental Team participated in fun-filled Tree Planting at in Boonton – highlighting the importance of environmental stewardship.

Sooo..take a well-deserved break, get some rest (celebrate at the Gala!), and later this month there will be more to come as we ramp up for the General Election.

Thank YOU for all you’re doing! This was a remarkable primary election season, thanks to all of our efforts and hard work.

Thanks again for being part of us! Are you interested in learning or doing more? Join an ATNJ focus team! Whether you want to work in any of our active legislative areas (Civil Rights, Environment, Drug Policy Reform, Healthcare, Immigration) or any of the Flip District teams, we definitely have need of and use for your talent!

Don’t see something here you like? Suggest a new initiative you’d like to create and lead to Lizzie Foley at

Thank you! We hope to see you at the Gala! If you’re not able to make it but still wish to support ATNJ efforts, please donate here.

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