What We Do

Why re-invent the wheel when there are so many great advocacy groups and organizations already in existence and doing good work for all these years?  We acknowledge our members’ enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty in this grassroots movement as their “own” thing.  We think that it’s most effective when we amplify actions from aligned organizations such the ACLU, NAACP, League of Women Voters, Working Families, NOW, CAIR, and Planned Parenthood – organizations that already have staff, infrastructure, research, and data.  Our goal is to come together as a state to act in concert to be more effective on state legislation and elections which impact our daily lives. Only 120 people in the state make all the laws that affect us all.   We coordinate and share these actions and legislation with groups such as regional progressive groups, congressional district –focused groups, local Indivisible groups, and hyper-local town groups.

  • We fight for civil liberties, social justice, and environmental protection.
  • We advocate for equality and human rights for all people.
  • We protect those who face discrimination, disenfranchisement, and persecution.
  • We fight for legislation that helps the working class, and supports equal pay and a living wage for all workers.
  • We support and collaborate with existing advocacy groups who share our beliefs.
  • We will fight to elect progressive leaders who share our values.
  • And we will fight against elected officials who don’t.

To accomplish these goals, we look for ways to organize and take action, through working with (or against) our representatives, organizing rallies and boycotts, sponsoring social justice projects, and collaborating with other advocacy groups we believe in to help bring about the change we want to see.