Andrea M. Catone 

Andrea Catone is a social movement strategist, sociologist, data analyst, and network architect with a passion for community organizing and supporting the work of volunteers. Andrea is the co-founder of both Action Together New Jersey (ATNJ) and Action Together Network (ATN) [ ]. Andrea helped build ATN into a volunteer-run support and resource provider for the growing resistance movement in the United States. At ATN, Andrea coordinates national action, local campaigns, electoral support, civic engagement, and resistance efforts. For the purposes of problem-solving, Andrea provides movement members and leadership with individualized support and connection with one another. Andrea is also a PhD candidate in Sociology at Rutgers University and an American Association of University Women (AAUW) Dissertation Fellow.

Uyen Khuong

Uyen Khuong, pronounced “Winn”, immigrated to the US in 1980 from Vietnam.  Her first foray into politics was writing a letter to and getting a response back from President Reagan while in grade school.  Uyen became an accidental activist for New Jersey during the 2016 Presidential Election when thousands of engaged New Jersey voters came together on Facebook to support Hillary Clinton. Uyen is the co-founder of ATNJ, a group of 18,000 members with chapters in every county. Uyen was recently honored in Washington D.C. as a We Are Emily Award recipient from Emily’s List for her work in grassroots organizing with ATNJ, the largest and fastest growing grassroots group in New Jersey.