Free Press for NJ!

Want a free and independent press that focuses on local news in your towns in NJ? Take 1 minute to fill out this petition and pressure our legislators!

GOAL: Pressure our State Senators and Members of Assembly to pass a bill that provides M$100 in funding to improve in local news in NJ.

ACTION: click here to sign this petition:

How do we fund this?
The New Jersey Civic Information Consortium (NJCIC ) will use a portion of the $332 million in revenue recently earned from the FCC’s auction of two of the state’s old public-media stations. These stations were created to serve the public interest; it’s only right that the funds from their sale be used to rebuild local news and information.

How will it be used?
NJCIC would seek out, evaluate and invest in proposals in partnership with the media industry, technology sector, community organizations, and four university partners: Montclair State University, the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Rowan University and Rutgers University.

The four partnering universities would have resources to implement a range of noteworthy projects. For example, these are some of the innovative ideas that surfaced at community forums held across the state:

* Creating small digital newsrooms within partner universities
* Hosting journalism and media-business trainings with residents interested in building new media projects that serve their communities
* Giving residents greater access to information about their local government
* Creating fellowships for a diverse cohort of young journalists who would work for at least two years with established news organizations to cover local news in underserved areas

What is the benefit of getting this $100 million?
The rewards would be significant — beginning with an engaged, invigorated population better positioned to spark positive change. It would give New Jerseyans the news and information they need to participate fully in our democracy.